Featured Teacher

Aimee Howard

Aimee is such a versatile and passionate teacher!  Not only is she a qualified vinyasa teacher, with a passion for Kundalini practice, Aimee first studied a Bachelors of Education. She specialised in special needs education which focused on how to teach and support children with special needs weather it be physical, mental or emotional. After that she completed her Honours in learning support which further builds upon how to support children with a barrier to learning in the classroom and school environment. She has seven years of teaching experience and experience teaching children with special needs before embarking on her other passion, Yoga! Aimee is our gifted Kids Yoga teacher. Her classes are a wonder and an adventure and the kids absolutely love her! Check the Kids Page for details.

Her own journey thus far has shown her that her aim is the same same for both children and adults: to guide them to their true intuition. Aimee has always had a love of moving her body and mainly channeled that through marathon running over the years. She also considers herself to be a spiritual seeker and has a great love for God and one of the ways she expresses this is through her Kundalini class, Thursdays 5:45pm. This class is for the  Yogi/Yogini, willing to do the work of Chakra cleansing, meditation and chanting. However, it’s not just sitting around, this is a strong class, but is varied enough for any entry level. For Aimee, Yoga is where her two loves came together in perfect harmony. She says, “The first time I practiced yoga, I felt at home in my body and my spirit.” Aimee’s Sankalpa (intention) is to endeavour to choose love in every situation, weather with her body, her mind or her heart. She is learning to love the journey instead of focusing on the destination. Come and join her!