Build self-esteem, self-awareness and strengthen your mind and body…

Preggie Yoga (Private classes only)

Preggie yoga classes provide a supportive environment for women during their pregnancy and the asanas (postures) are targeted at building physical and mental stamina and endurance required for a healthy and wholesome birth. It is a community of like-minded women who are experiencing similar things to you.

Pre-Natal yoga will teach you to shift your awareness away from your active mind and towards a deep, quiet place within you. A place where you and baby can connect. Pre-Natal yoga offers you the time and skills to assist you to focus and connect with your baby, not to mention helping you stay in shape and strong as well as helping you manage the changes your body goes through during this wonderful but sometimes challenging time in a woman’s life.

Benefits of Preggie Yoga

    • Builds endurance which is required for labour and birth
    • Helps prevent and relieve back pain, neck tension and improves posture
    • Assists moms-to-be to focus and connect with her baby
    • Helps with varicose veins and water retention
    • Helps balance blood pressure
    • Yoga helps to open up the pelvis, learning to let go and surrender.
    • Recovery time after birth is greatly reduced
    • Helps you to cope with pain during labour

Kids Yoga

It is important for a child to build self-esteem, self-awareness and strengthen their mind and body. This is increasingly important today where children face challenges like over-stimulation, technology changing the social fabric and society not to mention struggling to balance school and extra-murals and a social life.

Physical Benefits of Kiddies Yoga

  • Develops body awareness, strength & flexibility
  • Builds balance & coordination
  • Relieves stress & provides a sense of general well-being
  • Tones internal organs & promotes overall good health
  • Assists with the performance of other sporting activities

Mental Benefits of Kiddies Yoga

  • Stimulates imagination, empathy & creativity 
  • Builds self-esteem & confidence 
  • increases focus, attention & concentration
  • Develops mental balance & awareness
  • Improves performance in all areas of life including school

Spiritual/Emotional Benefits of Kiddies Yoga

  • Promotes self-awareness & compassion
  • Develops a sense of connection & oneness with nature
  • Teaches one to honour ourselves, others & all living things
  • Builds discipline & a passion for learning 
  • Teaches children to be gentle with themselves & others

Fees are R1120.00 per term per child (with a sibling discount of R980.00 per term per child). If there is a third child, that fee will be R880.00.

TERMS: 1ST: 17 JAN – 22 MARCH 2ND: 22 APRIL – 21 JUNE 3RD: 19 JULY – 27 SEPT 4TH: 11 OCT – 29 NOVE

To reserve a space for your child, please click here to send an email with your details to Please use your child’s full name as the payment reference. Then submit proof of payment to

Banking Details
E.J Douglas; FNB; Account number 62423904326; Branch code 250-655

Please reference your name when you make payment. NB: Unless you are a regular, it is necessary to book in advance for all classes. Preggie yoga is offered privately. Please contact Stella for more information and prices.