When you hear the word ‘Yoga’,
what comes to mind?

Do you think of skinny Gandhi-esque loin cloth clad men, hovering off the ground in deep meditation, their legs crossed gracefully in padmasana (lotus) ? Or is it skinny, scantily clad new-agist hippies, on brightly coloured yoga mats,  their legs in places  they simply ought not be in? You would be right either way, but Yoga is older than Gandhi and cooler than hippies or hipsters for that matter.

Yoga is an ancient Indian culture that dates back more than 5000 years. The word “Yoga” came from the Sanskrit word “yuj” which means “to unite or integrate.” Yoga is about the union of a person’s own consciousness (spirit) and the universal consciousness (God or who I like to refer to as Holy Spirit).

Ancient Yogis believed that in order for man to be in harmony with himself and his environment, he had to integrate the body, the mind, and the spirit. For these three to be integrated, emotion, action, and intelligence must be in balance. Yoga is the practice of achieving and maintaining this balance. Yoga has three components.  Breath, (pranayama), poses or postures (asana)  and meditation (prayer). Traditional Yoga finds it’s roots in the Yoga Sutras (texts) of Patanjali, however, Patanjali was not the founder of Yoga, but one of the main expounders of it over the years, writing a great body of text on Yoga traditions, purposes and benefits.

In this day and age, it’s not rocket-science to see the benefits of Yoga in terms of physical, mental and spiritual well being. Yoga never stays on the mat, it joyously and compassionately leaks out into your life. It changes how you view the world and your place and purpose in it. Yoga teaches us how to be loving toward ourselves. How to be compassionate to ourselves, because human beings have self-defeating and self-limiting tendencies. We are our own worst critics. Practicing yoga brings the content of our beings to the surface so we can see it. Inside the muscles, we hold the memories of every emotion we’ve ever experienced: sadness, fear, anger, etc. Through the asanas, we can tap into these memories and process our pasts. It’s the asanas that release the emotions out of the body. Being a yogi really means engaging in the process of healing: mentally, emotionally, and physically. Yoga helps us learn how to accept all the parts of ourselves that aren’t as evolved as we might like them to be. If you need convincing, come to a class! I’ll be gentle with you, I promise!

Class schedule


Simply book a class via our Bookamat schedule. If you are new to Pure Peace then Bookamat will prompt you to make a profile. Once you've booked with your profile:

  • If you book in advance you will receive the link 10 minutes before we go live. If you book in just before class starts you need to click on "view broadcast" to go straight in.

  • We record the Zoom class, so if you don't make it to the live streaming class, we will mail it to you straight after. You don't need to download zoom before. It's very user friendly and once you are on we can talk you through any trouble shooting till you get the hang of it.

  • We would like you to keep your camera on and position your device in such a way so that we can still see you, so that we can still TEACH YOU. You can't see anyone else, just the teacher and we mute your speaker so you (or your children/spouse/dogs etc :) ) can't be heard during the class. This is why our classes will still be small and real. You matter to us.

INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS join us via zoom and get the class mailed to you, if your time zone clashes for live streaming.


The truth is, we have no idea what May and the future brings. We are look at combining on line with in person classes in the future to give you even more value for your investment, but for now, subscribe for April for R500 for the month. This gives you access to two classes most days as well as content on the channel. Please use your class cards for the rest of March and April if you are on one and don't want to use the subscription. You can also bank your class cards until we can have you back into the studio and do the R500 subscription for April, starting 1 April. Please feel free to invite friends, they can have their first week with us free and pay pro-rata for the rest of the month.

EFT R500 with your name and "subs" as a reference and send POP to 076 813 2825 or purepeaceyoga@gmail.com When booking your class use the “complimentary class” payment option.

If you are facing loss of income or are a free-lancer of any kind you are welcome to use the "complimentary class" sign in and come to class for free or for a donation.

We have pre-recorded classes on our Youtube channel. Subscribe here!

Class Fees

Welcome! Your first class with us, is FREE. When you book your class select "Complimentary Class" as your payment and we'll see you on the mat! After that you have lots of options:
    • Newbie Special: R300 Catch as many classes as you can, for two weeks from the date of purchase. When using this, also select "Complimentary Class" when making your booking.
    • Single Class drop in: R150
    • 5 Class Card: R550
    • 10 Class Card: R1000
    • Monthly Unlimited: R850
    • Group Preggie Monthly: R490
      • Yoga legends (7-12's) R450 per month
      • Yoga Bunnies (3-6's) R355 per month
    • Community Class on Saturdays - Donations only.
Class cards are booked on line - Click here to register or book a class or buy a class card We know that Yoga is a human right, not a luxury, so if you find yourself between a rock and a hard place, or you are a student, pensioner or a single parent these are for you:
  • 10 Class Card: R800
  • Monthly Unlimited: R700
For Monthly and Privates contact us directly at purepeaceyoga@gmail.com NB unfortunately Monthly fees are non transferable Private/Private Pre Natal Classes If you have specific or therapeutic needs or don't enjoy group classes, we can help you. These classes are R440 an hour Available teachers are: Please mail us with your preferences to arrange a private booking - purepeaceyoga@gmail.com


Community classes are for new teachers to get some experience and old teachers to try new things. This is a great way to try Yoga if you have never done it before. They are by donation and therefore technically, FREE.
You can bring a cash donation or if you know you want to attend more than one, pay a monthly donation or lump sum/once off donation and reference it as "community". These donations go to Hotel Hope, our local foster home. See what they do here: http://hotelhopeministries.org/

There is no pressure on you to do this. You can come and go as you please and be at peace.

TO BOOK FOR A COMMUNITY CLASS: select "complimentary class" on the Bookamat system as your payment option. Remember to have fun! :)

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Styles we Offer

Our classes are crafted and small, curated by lovers of the practice. We make use of a combination of traditional Hatha and Ashtanga asanas (postures), organic movement, meditation, as well as pranayama (controlled breathing) and chanting or singing (because it's fun). We also have Yin and Restorative Yoga on the menu for balance and rest. Yoga is more than your body, because you are more than your body.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa yoga is literally defined as an intelligent sequence of postures, but most people equate it with the ability to sweat or “yogacize,” and that draws a lot of people to it. Vinyasa yoga is a very subtle, beautiful, introspective practice, and exercise can be a side benefit. Yoga is about getting to know yourself better and learning how to love yourself. The Western world has become a seated society, which is why vinyasa yoga is so important: its orientation is breath and movement, and research shows that increased movement in a seated society is absolutely essential for health. Vinyasa yoga gets us moving. With a seated society comes a toxic mind: because our bodies are still, our minds are racing. Vinyasa yoga stills the mind because it has so many focal points that train the mind: the breath, movements, bandhas, postures, and sequences. We’re really focusing on the breath at first, and then, as the mind gains the ability to concentrate, we are able to focus on many things at once. Step by step we expand the mind with the practice. Without proper training, the mind jumps all over the place, distracting us from working on the parts of our beings that will actually help us evolve. Vinyasa yoga stills the mind, giving it the ability to process what the practice brings up to the surface — the joyful stuff and sometimes the uncomfortable stuff as well.

It’s a meditation in motion.

Meditation is focusing the mind, and vinyasa yoga focuses the mind because it gives you something to focus your mind on. It’s a dynamic meditation. Whether it’s the breath, the movement, the bandhas, or the asanas, there’s a very strong mental component to vinyasa yoga practice. Vinyasa yoga can be instrumental in stabilizing and focusing your entire life. In all yoga, but especially here in Vinyasa yoga, the breathing is through the nose. For each movement, there is a breath. We inhale on the preparation for a movement and exhale on the exertion. It’s a slow, even, smooth, inhalation and a slow, concentrated exhalation. This is very difficult in the beginning and it helps focus the mind, because you really have to think about it. Yoga is about listening and executing a task. Each pose has many tasks, and one of them is the drishti. Gazing in a specific direction helps to create the meditation for each pose.


Most forms of yoga in the West can be classified as Hatha Yoga. Hatha simply refers to the practice of physical yoga postures, meaning your Ashtanga, vinyasa, Iyengar and Power Yoga classes are all Hatha Yoga. The word “hatha” can be translated two ways: as “willful” or “forceful,” or the yoga of activity, and as “sun” (ha) and “moon” (tha), the yoga of balance. Hatha practices are designed to align and calm your body, mind, and spirit in preparation for meditation. The Hatha classes we offer here simply mean they are not sequenced the way “Vinyasa’ Yoga is. The poses are practiced as individual poses but are still part of a class designed with a beginning, middle and ending. They simply are not joined by the repetitive sequence we call a vinyasa, between poses.


A passive practice, Yin Yoga involves variations of seated and supine poses typically held for 3 to 5 minutes, accessing deeper layers of fascia. Where other styles of Yoga focus on the muscles and flexibility and strength, Yin pays attention to the joints. Yin Yoga is an excellent balance to other more dynamic styles. Because the poses are held for extended periods, this is a deeply meditative practice. Yin Yoga was originally introduced by Paulie Zink.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga involves the gentle practice of deliberate stillness through longer held poses while being supported by bolsters, blankets and other props. Restorative Yoga aims to slow down the body and mind to activate and nurture the parasympathetic nervous system; releasing physical and emotional tension. The measurable benefits include anxiety and stress reduction, lower blood pressure, improved sleep, support for adrenal and general fatigue; improved immune function, digestion and fertility. This practice is not just for the seasoned yogi, but is ideal for people who are new to yoga, have minor injuries, physical limitations, restricted movement or stress - which is everyone.

How does Restorative Yoga work?
Muscular tension activates the sympathetic nervous system, Restorative Yoga uses props in each asana to minimise tension and maximise physical comfort and relaxation. The head is kept inline or below the heart to reduce blood pressure and quieten the nervous system, while the slow deep breathing lowers the heart rate and reduces the production of stress hormones. In Restorative Yoga, the nervous system moves into a parasympathetic state where deep restoration and healing can take place. The practice of Restorative Yoga further allows for the changing of the neuroplasticity of the brain through training the mind to observe itself with detachment, impartially witnessing direct experiences in the body and mind with compassion. - Bo Forbes

Preggie Yoga

Preggie yoga classes provide a supportive environment for women during their pregnancy and the asanas (postures) are targeted at building physical and mental stamina and endurance required for a healthy and wholesome birth. It is a community of like-minded women who are experiencing similar things to you.

Pre-Natal yoga will teach you to shift your awareness away from your active mind and towards a deep, quiet place within you. A place where you and baby can connect. Pre-Natal yoga offers you the time and skills to assist you to focus and connect with your baby, not to mention helping you stay in shape and strong as well as helping you manage the changes your body goes through during this wonderful but sometimes challenging time in a woman's life.

Benefits of Preggie Yoga

  • Builds endurance which is required for labour and birth
  • Helps prevent and relieve back pain, neck tension and improves posture
  • Assists moms-to-be to focus and connect with her baby
  • Helps with varicose veins and water retention
  • Helps balance blood pressure
  • Yoga helps to open up the pelvis, learning to let go and surrender
  • Recovery time after birth is greatly reduced
  • Helps you to cope with pain during labour

Fees: R440 an hour, R330 for 45 mins. Fees are paid up front in advance. Please contact Stella or Lucia for more information or check the bookings page.

Kiddie Yoga

We offer classes for all ages and needs. It is important for a child to build self-esteem, self-awareness and strengthen their mind and body. This is increasingly important today where children face challenges like over-stimulation, technology changing the social fabric and society not to mention struggling to balance school and extra-murals and a social life.

Physical Benefits of Kiddies Yoga

  • Develops body awareness, strength & flexibility
  • Builds balance & coordination
  • Relieves stress & provides a sense of general well-being
  • Tones internal organs & promotes overall good health
  • Assists with the performance of other sporting activities

Mental Benefits of Kiddies Yoga

  • Stimulates imagination, empathy & creativity
  • Builds self-esteem & confidence
  • increases focus, attention & concentration
  • Develops mental balance & awareness
  • Improves performance in all areas of life including school

Spiritual/Emotional Benefits of Kiddies Yoga

  • Promotes self-awareness & compassion
  • Develops a sense of connection & oneness with nature
  • Teaches one to honour ourselves, others & all living things
  • Builds discipline & a passion for learning
  • Teaches children to be gentle with themselves & others

Yoga legends (7-12's) Tuesdays 3:13 - 4:15
Yoga Bunnies (3-6's) Wednesdays 2:30 -3:15

Things to consider

Do unto others… Some good ideas when practicing Yoga
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your first class here so we can chat about your specific needs. We are a small studio because we like to know where you are on your journey and what your specific needs are. Then in future arrive 5 to 10 minutes before classes generally so you can settle in and we can START ON TIME to honour each other’s time.
  • Please try not to eat for at least 2 hours before a class. Doing Yoga on a full tummy is very uncomfortable and not productive.
  • Please put your cell phone off and away. Not on silent, OFF.
  • When some one is finding a posture challenging, don’t offer advice during the class, you are not the teacher and while your intention is to be helpful, it can sometimes be harmful. Focus on your own practice. This is why we are a small studio, so we can give each Yogi the attention they need.
  • Please pay your fees on time. Do unto others.
  • Most importantly: HAVE FUN!

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Owner and Teacher

Stella is a professionally certified and internationally accredited Yoga teacher who has been practicing yoga for at least 16 years. She’s so wise, she’s lost count. Stella has received her training in India and has 500 hours training as well as seven years teaching experience. As an asthmatic, who suffered from a severe case of burn out, she took Yoga to a deeper level when she suffered from a major lung inflammation. Yoga was the only thing that didn’t over exert or stress out her body while still strengthening and toning. Yoga helped restore balance and peace at a time when her circumstances said otherwise.  “My Yoga practice has brought me closer to God. But you don’t have to do Yoga for that reason. You can do Yoga because you’ll feel all the benefits, be they physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Also, it’s fun!”


Lucia has practiced Yoga for several years. As a child, she enjoyed tying herself into knots so when she went to her first Yoga class with Stella, she was hooked. What Lucia soon discovered, however, is that sometimes tying yourself into knots closes you off, and that is not what Yoga is about. Practicing Yoga has made her look at both sides of the coin; there is a time to look inward, but there is also a time to open our hearts and receive from the people around us and from God. “I would call myself and introverted extrovert, only showing my true colours where I feel safe, loved and supported. This is what Yoga is for me, a space where I get to be in my body going from strength to strength with a community of people who have taught me how to love myself, how to challenge my perceptions and how to connect with God through compassion, for myself first, and rest”. Lucia has felt increasingly drawn towards Prenatal Yoga as a way of fostering a safe environment for expectant mothers to prepare for what lies ahead, be it the challenges of pregnancy, the power of birth and the recovery and adjustment that comes with having a new baby. She is interested in the physical and spiritual connection between mother and child during pregnancy and how yoga can increase and heighten this connection by giving mother and baby the time to feel each other in movement, in stillness and through the breath. She has completed a Prenatal Teacher Training with J’anaki Ra of Yoga Mama and is under the ongoing tutelage of Shasta Goodfellow, an incredibly gifted yoga teacher and doula.


After spending 16 years in the fashion and reality television industry, Dirk decided to get out of the rat race in search of ease. Yoga happened, not just Yoga asana, but Yoga. It swept him entirely off his feet and before he knew it, he was studying to become a Yoga teacher. After completing his training, his interest and personal practice shifted away from the active forms of Yoga asana towards the more receptive, restorative and therapeutic styles of Yoga. He continued his training and completed Restorative and Yin Yoga teacher trainings with Shasta Jordan, studied Yin Yoga with Josh Summers and did further training in Restorative Yoga with Judith Hanson Lasater, Jillian Pransky and Satya Greenstone. In Restorative Yoga classes Dirk holds space for students to slow down, practicing deliberate stillness and deep relaxation through supported Yoga asana. He teaches the simple art of getting out of your own way, practicing how to pause, relax and restore, allowing for the mind to better adjust to dealing with stress in a more responsive and a less reactive way.


Karin first stepped onto the mat 14 years ago and immediately knew that she wanted to be a yoga teacher. She wanted to change people’s lives the way that day changed hers. In 2013 she finally did her 200hrs YTT at Living Yoga and it opened a door that can never be closed. Since then she's also become a certified kids yoga and aerial yoga teacher, as well as Yin yoga teacher. Teaching is a passion for Karin. She has a B.Ed degree and has been working with young children for over 9 years.

“I believe that all children should be doing yoga. It will not only work the whole body, but will also calm the mind and provide them with the tools they need to cope in stressful times. As a teacher I see the difference it makes in a school environment. Children are more focussed, more confident and less stressed.”


James has been practicing yoga since the turn of the century (although that's only 19 years ago). In 2006 he decided to start teaching and completed his first certification in Hatha Basics. Since then he has completed the Jivamukti (2011) and Iyengar (2017) teacher trainings. Yoga has always felt very natural to him, not an "extra add-on", and for this reason he doesn't identify as a "yoga person". He is, however, very passionate about the sharing practice that has been a constant in his life while many other things have arisen and passed away.

"I’ve always tried to emphasise getting clear on the basics to create a strong foundation. This means focusing on the underlying principles of yoga so that people can understand the reasons behind their movements in particular and the practice in general. My classes are workshop based with a lot of detail in the instruction. I believe if you get the basics right, the fancy stuff will sort itself out. And meditation: don’t forget the meditation part ;)"


While having always pursued a path of spirituality, connection and meditation, Ash never quite understood or felt the power of yoga until meeting Stella, who changed her perception of it. She remembers the day vividly; the subtle shift within her while practicing. She felt a deep connection to her body and the way it moved. Ever since that moment her yoga practice has become consistent and lead her to become a yoga teacher. It was the first time in her life, that meaning was being effortlessly created. The community of Pure Peace Yoga has filled her heart with so much joy, providing a platform for continual learning and growth. It's a space to share in the joy. Yoga has shown Ash compassion towards herself and others; continually guiding her back into the present moment and knowing that she is exactly where she needs to be, here in the now.


Nelet first encountered yoga in a small basement studio in New Dehli, India - with a non-english speaking instructor in 2014. Poses were shown and she mimicked it. She was on an internship placement and decided to learn about this ancient tradition. She returned and reconnected with yoga in 2016 in SA. After burn-out and an abusive relationship she found yoga a form of healing, connecting and returning to her faith. For Nelet, her yoga is an act of faith, a way to pray and strengthening her body.


Maike has been practicing yoga for several years, but in the last couple, something really clicked into place for her. She loves her arm balances and being upside down. Yoga brings peace and clarity to her mind and body. Being a single Mom yoga has brought balance into her life and also gives her the opportunity to create a special little activity with her daughter. They say: “When you practice yoga once a week, you change your mind. When you practice yoga twice a week, you change your body. When you practice yoga every day, it will change your life.” Maike sees yoga as her deeper connection to self and sees teaching as an opportunity to facilitate that for other practitioners.


Call us at +27 (76) 813-2825
Visit us at 70 4th Ave, Melville, Johannesburg (map below)