This is an 8 week series, one class a week, covering the foundations of a very gentle Vinyasa Flow practice. You can do these in your own time, they are recorded! 30 minutes, building from the foundations of Breath and Mind, to Breath, Body and Mind. If you are a subscriber, you can opt to have this as one of your two weekly classes.
On it's own, R400 for all 8 classes.

The Work-Flow Class is designed to help your work-life flow better. We even teach these classes in the clothes that we would normally wear to work in. If you want Yoga in your life, you have to make room for it! However, you can do it ANY time of the day. Yoga helps you stay focused, calm and creative, manage your stress levels and be more productive generally!

The Chakra Series has already begun, but we can send you what you've missed! These are 25 minute Vinyasa Flow practices with the aim of keeping your energy flow balanced. They are a little bit more up beat then the work flow. These are crazy times, we need to keep balanced and moving. Don't worry if you don't know anything about Chakras, you will learn!

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