Yoga (along with several other healing modalities) has quite literally saved my life, more than once.


How very human of me then, that in 2019 on the brink of forty-two, the irony of this would not be lost on Douglas Adams fans, I needed saving more than ever...

We were hustling in the City of Gold, Johannesburg. I wanted to shut down the studio (then in a beautiful house in buzzing Melville) because I felt I would die if I didn't. But by March 2020 that didn't matter anymore, did it? It seemed death was imminent...


We started asking big questions, bigger questions than usual since the Douglas' are amateur philosophers and professional mystics. When you ask real questions, you may not like the answers - which is why most of us don't ask until we are forced to through disease or disaster.
You must ask yourself, "what am I doing and why am I doing it?" Even if you are doing something as lovely as Yoga.
Here we are now, on the Wild Coast, making art and asking even bigger questions.
I don't have answers yet - but I'm trying to be brave enough to ask.

Stella Douglas
In the middle of the mess of being twenty, Yoga found me. Much like all my relationships at that time, it was intensely beautiful but, sexually charged and there was always something else going on.


Cut to my thirties and I'm suffering from a severe case of burnout. Yoga never left me. While there are many things in life we can't rely on. Yoga isn't one of them. Yoga will always be there. Rain or shine.
I am a professionally certified and internationally accredited Yoga teacher who has been practicing yoga for over twenty years. I studied in India and have ten years of teaching experience and counting. I will never abandon Yoga (myself) again. I am currently working towards an international life coaching accreditation.

I am currenlty

You can follow my blog and read even more about me here.


Denton Douglas
I have practiced yoga on and off for 20 years and was first introduced to Yoga by Jay Pather, my then dance teacher. I have always been a mover, specializing in movement and dance at the Durban University Of Technology and I went on to dance and act professionally, both locally and abroad.

My interest has been rekindled in yoga over the last couple of years, due to my wife and business partner (surprise it's Stella!) and with a new commitment to the practice, have now completed my Yoga teacher training with Pure Peace Yoga (my wife! We offer marriage coaching too!)

I love details, not just in Yoga, but in life so it made sense that I should specialize in alignment and techniques.