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Stella Douglas
Denton Douglas
Lucia Van Zyl
Owner and Teacher

In the middle of the mess of being twenty, Yoga found me. When I say mess, I mean mess. 'Sex, drugs, and rock and roll' is an understatement. Much like all my relationships at that time, it was intensely beautiful but, there was always something else going on. However, unlike me in my relationships; Yoga never left me.


Cut to my thirties and I'm suffering from a severe case of burnout. Yoga took me even deeper and, once again, never left me. While there are many things in life we can't rely on. Yoga isn't one of them. Yoga will always be there. Rain or shine.


I am a professionally certified and internationally accredited Yoga teacher who has been practicing yoga for over twenty years. I studied in India and have ten years of teaching experience and counting. I will never abandon Yoga (myself) again.



Vinyasa and Hatha


Denton Douglas has practiced yoga on and off for 20 years. He was first introduced to Yoga by Jay Pather, his then dance teacher. He Has always been a mover, specializing in movement and dance at the Durban University Of Technology. He went on to dance and act professionally, both locally and abroad. His interest has been rekindled in yoga over the last couple of years, due to his wife and business partner (surprise it's Stella!) and with that new commitment to the practice, he has now completed his Yoga teacher training with Pure Peace Yoga. Denton loves details, not just in Yoga, but in life so it made sense that he should specialise in alignment and techniques.

Preggie and Strong


Lucia van Zyl has been practicing yoga for seven years. Like most women, she has had an often-fraught relationship with her body. Yoga has been transformational for her, forever changing the way she relates to her physicality, this is what she strives to pass on to her students. Lucia loves moving slow and strong, working on flexibility and creating balance. She also embraces balance when teaching pre-natal yoga; focusing not only on creating equilibrium in the body, to facilitate the birthing process, but also on breath work and crafting a space for mom to connect with baby.